They're back! Tent city Toronto growing again in downtown core


It is hard enough to traverse the downtown core of the city by foot, on two wheels or four.

But try walking through some of its more famous, or now infamous, parks.

Tent city seems to be back in full force at Alexandra Park, Allan Gardens, Clarence Square Park, Lamport Stadium, Rosedale Valley Rd. and little parkettes like Severn Creek Park.

In July 2021, City of Toronto officials and bylaw officers with the help of Toronto Police cleared out large encampments at Alexandra Park and the west side of Lamport Stadium — and not without violent confrontations involving homeless and advocates.

A work crew at Clarence Square Park — a little parkette at Wellington St. and Spadina Ave. — said they have been installing new water mains to replace crumbling infrastructure for the past few weeks.

Two of the workers said a few of the residents of the enclosures in the encampment have come over to voice their displeasure with the workers — for doing their jobs — and become violent and confrontational to the point they had to call police so they could complete their work.

Up in the Rosedale Valley Rd. area, off of Park Rd., neighbours are scared to go out for a stroll or to walk their dogs in the area or in a local parkette, Severn Creek Park, which leads up to the Rosedale TTC subway station.