Ed’s Real Scoop – Who doesn’t like ice cream?


Something you ought to know about Toronto is that it gets very hot in the summer. I think many travellers anticipate that it will be mild or even cold, but temperatures can routinely hang north of 30 degrees celsius. As such, Torontonians have developed ways of beating the heat, and one of those is ice cream. And if you’re anything like me on holiday, I am always looking for ice cream.

Ed’s Real Scoop is one of the best shops for ice cream in the city. Like any good ice cream shop, they do an excellent chocolate and vanilla. But for me, the highlights are the fruit flavours. Made with high quality milk and cream, they highlight seasonal fruit throughout the summer. Strawberry rhubarb, raspberry sorbet, and apple pie are all favourites, and are all made with local Ontario fruits which we locals are very proud of. The signature flavour is burnt marshmallow – don’t miss it!

There are four locations around the city for your convenience. I recommend the one on Roncesvalles Avenue. Roncesvalles (or “Roncey” as the locals call it) is a local neighbourhood beloved by those who live in the area. It’s full of cute shops, cafés and restaurants, and would make a place for a lovely afternoon stroll.