RC Coffee installs second robotic barista in Toronto


The RC Coffee Robo Cafe, a robotic barista that grands and tamps coffee, foams milk and delivers cups of coffee in less than two minutes, powered by parent company KioSoft Technologies, has launched its second location in Toronto in Kensington Market, according to a press release.

Beverage orders can be placed using the kiosk's touchscreen display or via RC Coffee's mobile app. Users can view the inner workings through a clear, plexiglass window, giving full access to the robot arm at work.

Another Robo Cafe can be found in Yorkville, Toronto. It was originally dubbed the Dark Horse Espresso Coffee Automat before rebranding.

Both the Yorkville and Kensington Market kiosks serve Dark Horse Espresso specialty coffee, including espresso, cortado, cappuccino, flat white, latte, americano, plus hot chocolate and Chai latte.

Decaffeinated and dairy-free oat milk options are also available.