These 11 Trends Will Be Everywhere in 2021, According to Fashion People


2020 left its mark on everything, the fashion industry included. This time last year, no one could have predicted tie-dye sweatpants would become a uniform for all of us… all the time. As WFH became the new way of life, the previously earmarked trends (Crochet! Maxi skirts! Vests!) fell by the wayside in favour of ease, comfort, and function.

We can expect more of that in 2021, according to Vanessa Magic, costume designer and co-founder of Inclusive Stylist Toronto. “No one wants to wear anything constricting anymore." She’s not just talking about sweats.After many months of pandemic living under our stretch waistbands and nap dresses, there’s a collective move to generous silhouettes — whether it’s wide-leg pants or an oversized blazer or shirt.

Also trending for 2021 (and let's be honest, should always be trending)?Sustainability. From the ever-expanding roster of labels on board the movement, to a vintage shoppingrenaissance, it’s more important than ever that we deepen our commitment to reducing the fashion waste killing our planet. Colour-wise, there’s also a strong case made for soft, soothing shades, a salve to the neon hues that have been everywhere as of 2018.

To lead us stylishly into the upcoming season, we asked some of Canada’s top fashion people to share the trends they’re most excited about for 2021.