EC3: Peterborough’s entertainers are staying busy despite the shutdown


It’s a lower key holiday season this year, but even if we can’t travel and gather the way we normally would, we can still enjoy some great art, right at home.

Peterborough’s artists and arts, culture and heritage organizations have been here for you throughout the pandemic, and they’re here for you during the holiday season too.

As theatres, galleries, concert halls, and meeting spaces dealt with the challenges of COVID-19, Peterborough’s creative community has still found ways to present events that keep us entertained and uplifted.

This holiday season is no different: there are a number of special events planned for over the holidays, and there’s a whole archive of material that’s online for you can catch up on over the break. So, we at the Electric City Culture Council (EC3) thought we’d present a holiday “viewing guide” for all the wonderful artistic projects that you can experience from home this holiday season.

What’s presented below is just a selection of all that Peterborough’s incredible arts and culture community has put out. There’s more out there from groups like Artspace, Showplace, the Canadian Canoe Museum, the Artisan Centre of Peterborough, and the Kawartha Potters Guild.

We encourage everyone to check out some of the events below, and to support the artists and organizations that are working so hard to bring them to you. The arts have been hit hard by the pandemic, and will continue to be affected even after there’s a vaccine.