Get to know Cam model Eddie Danger


Eddie Danger is no slouch when it comes to camming, having been in the industry for over a decade (see his galleries for Men, Next Door and College Dudes here) and proven again and again why he's a fan favorite. He's also more than just a pretty face; he has an interest in Feminist Literary Theory and is currently pursuing his Master’s degree.

Finally, fans can get a chance to know Eddie a little bit better.

How did he get into the biz?

I began my journey through the industry by doing adult films at a young age. I never fancied myself a performer who is all that exciting to watch for hours at a time. I like to edit my stuff down and not waste anybody’s time. I don’t believe I would have gained the confidence to take on the entertainment format if the folks over at CAM4 didn’t make the whole situation so easy for me to approach.

I like to stay intellectually engaged with my audience. So, it can often feel like a lot of work to maintain their attention for hours at a time. However, the audience that engages with my performances on CAM4 seem to be easy to volley with. We maintain a positive relationship. I like to learn about people and get to know them on a more personal level. I really enjoy that aspect. I have learned to appreciate the silence along with all of the dramatics and excitement of boners and shooting loads.

Most fun or exciting sexual adventures?

Specific to sex work, one of my weirder adventures occurred when this independent porn company flew me and three other performers down to Aruba to film a series of scenes titled “Sex Worker’s Vacation”. A real missed opportunity for the director, in my opinion. If we filmed confessionals throughout, I guarantee that it would have been a masterpiece of complete fuckery. They were fun and creative people to work with, but all of the personalities together really made for a crazy experience that should have been documented like Big Brother or some similar reality series. Professionally, it was probably my most bizarre and extravagant gig. The films are all online for public enjoyment; the most interesting stories are not.

How has his online persona changed over the years?

Eddie Danger has become a complicated brand to carry with me. My life has followed a pretty linear trajectory when it comes to my sexual education. I picked up feminist studies in high school during the time of the Vagina Monologues revival in a nearby college. From there, I followed feminist literary theory on toward my master’s degree, during which, I dabbled in porn and established myself as a model and acrobatic stripper.

As RuPaul’s Drag Race began to gain international popularity, several of my friends were pulled out of relative obscurity and placed onto an international stage. I’ve always been a loyal man and I believe that folks close to me value that loyalty. So, several of these performers lifted me up from my own obscurity.

This pop culture push began to pepper my following with younger members of the queer community. My responsibilities shifted, and I began to speak more candidly with them about my own struggles with my sexuality and similar personal matters. My formal education undoubtedly gave me the vocabulary to do so responsibly.
When my financial situation began to clear up, sex work became less o